All County Picnic

Strengthening Resilience & Disaster Preparedness

August 19th, 2018

Preparedness, Resiliency and Family Fun

Sunday - August 19th - 11AM-4PM
HJ Carroll Park - Jefferson County, WA

The All County Picnic motivates east Jefferson County residents to develop resiliency through fostering community and raising awareness about local emergency resources.  The Picnic is a chance to shake hands with local emergency management, first responders, community leaders and elected officials, eat (free!) corn on the cob with your neighbors and learn about the resources that exist to serve you and your community. Featuring live music, food vendors, group games, information booths, speakers and demonstrations, kids' activities and, yes, free corn on the cob, this celebration is as fun as it is informing.

The All County Picnic is produced in partnership between Local 20/20 and Jefferson County's Department of Emergency Management (JCDEM). The JCDEM holds the event out as a model for other EM organizations across the state.



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Upper Pavilion Presentations

11:30 a.m. “Hour 48 Post Disaster” Forum

Imagine we are 48 hours into a massive Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake! BOOM! A forum of elected officials, first responders and neighborhood volunteers gather to discuss their transition from addressing immediate needs and collecting information to sharing agency specific responsibilities and strengths. Participating agencies will include the Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management, East Jefferson Fire and Rescue, Jefferson County Sheriff, Port Townsend Police Department, PUD, HAM, Jefferson Healthcare, NPREP, Public Works and the Navy. The forum will be moderated by Bill Beezley, the Public Information Officer with East Jefferson Fire & Rescue. Following the presentation there will be 15 minutes for Q & A. and then 30 minutes to mingle with the presenters.

1:00 Earthquake Relay

Back by popular demand the "Earthquake Relay," which will engage community members in a variety of tasks--include shucking 500 ears of fresh corn, hauling water and assembling a community resources puzzle--in an effort to simulate a collaborative community response in the event of an emergency. Led by local magic maker and owner of Spark Interaction, Leif Hansen, this fun, interactive relay begins at 1:00 p.m.

2:00 p.m. Chimacum School/Community Preparedness

Chimacum school and community members will share how the schools and neighborhood are joining forces to prepare for both man-made and natural disasters.  In light of recent school violence across the nation and the natural disasters we are faced with which seem constant and are making plans to respond to all types of emergencies. This presentation provides a fantastic opportunity to both learn about existing efforts and engage in ongoing collaborations, trainings and conversation.  

3:00 p.m. The Shredder - Plastic shredding machine demo

Roark Jennings and Andrew Eisenberg will demonstrate their newly created plastic shredding machine, “The Shredder”. The shredder is the 1st of  3 machines needed to turn our plastic waste into usable products or materials. The intention is to design small scale, decentralized solutions that would allow for re-use of plastic locally rather than shipping it off to a landfill or recycling plant across the world. “We think of it as damage control for our indulgent and excessive lifestyles.” shares Roark Jennings. Learn more at 3:00 in the Upper Pavilion.

All Day - Meet your political candidates

As this is an election year, the Picnic is providing at “Candidates Booth” where local political candidates can share their perspectives on community resilience and emergency preparedness. This is a great opportunity to have one-on-one conversations with emerging leaders.


Event schedule: 

Main Stage

11:00 - Opening Ceremony
11:15 - Sunfield Quartet - Stars of Tomorrow Winners
11:45 - Noah Frisch Didgeridoo 
1:00 - Emergency Preparedness Group Activity with Leif Hansen
1:30 - Anika Pearl
2:30 - Caribe Steel Band

Upper Pavilion

11:15 - Free Coffee and Donuts
11:30 - Hour 48 Post Disaster Forum
2:00 - Chimacum School/Community Preparedness Presentation
3:00 -The Shredder - Plastic shredding machine demo 
3:30 - Native plant demonstration tour