Cake Picnic

Building community through celebration

May 16th, 2020


Huge THANKS to everyone who helped make this years Picnic such a fun and spirited event. 

Cake Picnic is a Port Townsend cultural heritage celebration featuring massive amounts of delicious artisan cake, an epic dance party, field games, play zone and thousands of people amped up, Port Townsend style.

In the past SEVEN years, our team has partnered with local farms, nonprofits, artists, city officials, and businesses to create this fabulous celebration.  

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Historical Context

Once upon a time the people of Port Townsend would get together and enjoy massive community feasts. Cheif Chetzemoka, Joe Kuhn and James G. Swan amongst others were known for producing community clam bakes that would serve 1200+ people. 

A tribute to this past, "CAKE PICNIC" provides our community an excuse to get together & celebrate with family and friends... with free food.